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Being a partner in a hotel for the selection and distribution of luxury amenities means helping to make guests stay at the hotel a unique life experience.

Our commitment to service and hospitality high-end, and our mission, only the discovery of niche products, allow us to offer a careful choice of solutions and items of high craftsmanship, all customizable.

5StarsAmenites is born for this: to be and do your best, maybe what other people still do not know …

For a hotel, offer customers our products means not only improve the quality of your stay in the hotel but also communicate their vocation for excellence.



create_emotion5StarsAmenities caters to the hotel and the company that are looking for something different than the common corporate gifts.

The gift is an art and as such cannot be improvised. It requires talent, patience and curiosity in finding the right item for that very special occasion. And it is also an act of love and attention aimed at arousing emotion in those who receive it.

For this let us not forget anything with great attention to detail, from the quality of the product, packaging, from form to substance, always looking for that perfect alchemy between customization and high standard of service, able to make a difference.

  • Because do among our suppliers, we select only manufacturers who share our mission: artisans and small businesses are able to achieve niche products.
  • Because quality is a value that is important to us and we want to communicate and promote.
  • Because, today, the people of gourmet and bon vivant is increasingly sophisticated, curious and demanding

we_have_choosenAston Martin

Four Seasons

Gazzetta dello Sport

Intesa San Paolo Bank

Grand Hotel Savoia Cortina

Hotel de la Ville Monza

Relais San Maurizio